HQMC Civilian Mentoring Program
Mentoring is a relationship in which a more experienced person (the mentor) provides guidance, knowledge-sharing, and learning opportunities to a less experienced employee (the mentee). It is an effective way to provide professional development and to enhance learning between colleagues at different levels and stages of their career. For a complete overview of the HQMC Mentoring Program, [Click Here] for the HQMC Mentoring Guide.
Roles & Responsibilities

Mentor's Role

  • Assist employee in creating an Individual Development Plan (IDP) and/or Individual Leadership Development Plan
  • Coach employee in enhancing skills
  • Pass along organizational information (structure, politics, personalities, and Marine Corps culture)
  • Provide candid feedback to the employee about perceived strengths and developmental needs
  • Point out opportunities for the employee to develop and demonstrate capabilities
  • Encourage and motivate the employee
  • Build the employee’s sense of self and level of self-confidence
  • Link the employee with others who can enhance their learning

Mentee's Role

  • Actively demonstrate initiative and desire to learn
  • Objectively assess developmental needs, establish clear developmental goals, and communicate openly about them
  • Take responsibility for personal growth and development
  • Take the initiative to schedule meetings and to seek the mentor's advice
  • Be receptive to feedback and coaching
  • Maintain a positive and constructive attitude
  • Take advantage of training, developmental activities, and assistance offered
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Prepare a few questions to ask the potential mentor or mentee
  • Seek someone with the characteristics you desire (experience, personality, availability, etc.)
  • The individual is willing to provide and receive candid information    
  • Select someone from outside of your direct chain of command

The HQMC Civilian Leadership Development Program (CLDP) Program Administrator can assist you in selecting a mentor and provide additional guidance on selecting and discussing the roles and responsibilities of a mentor and mentee.

If you think you have what it takes to become a mentor and make a positive impact on someone's career please contact the Civilian Leadership Development Program (CLDP) Administrator at




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