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Human Resources and Organizational Management


Human Resources and Organizational Management

Headquarters Marine Corps

Your Supervisor: Your First Day (Onboarding Phase 2)
When you initially arrive for duty, you will work with your Human Resources Office (HRO) to meet the administrative requirements of check in. After this initial process, which varies in length depending on the requirements of your agency, you will report to your new office. Your Supervisor will meet you, show you your workspace, and introduce you to your immediate work team, including your Sponsor.

After allowing you time to familiarize yourself with your workspace, your supervisor will meet with you to discuss your orientation plan, any key office rules or requirements, and assist you with whatever questions or concerns you may have. Some offices will have team activities to mark the first day of a new employee. While these are not universal, they typically allow team members to interact in an informal atmosphere.

Your Dress Code

Since there is no defined HQMC dress code, your supervisor will discuss conduct and appearance expectations with you. The requirements and culture of the office, as well as the personality of the supervisor, typically determine the appropriate attire for work. You supervisor should ensure that you are clear regarding all expectations for your appearance and conduct.

Facilities Security

While there is a chance that you will receive appropriate building credentials on your first day, it is likely that you will obtain some type of “visitors” clearance until your appropriate background checks are complete. Your supervisor will be eager to assist you (or have someone assists) you in processing all badge-related actions.

Your First Day