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Human Resources and Organizational Management


Human Resources and Organizational Management

Headquarters Marine Corps

Your Sponsor: Your First Year (Onboarding Phase 5)
As you become more comfortable with your new surroundings, your relationship with your sponsor will grow far less structured. Since you will be less and less dependent on his or her support, you will be able to develop whatever workplace relationship is appropriate. However, you still can benefit from their support as you continue to grow.

Professional Development

Your sponsor is a potential resource for you as you work through your Individual Development Plan (IDP). There are various resources available to aid in your continued development, and you will be able to benefit from your sponsor’s experience as you determine what is best for you.

Building Support Networks

As your time in your position increases, you should begin to build a wide support network for your personal and professional development. While your sponsor is a great starting resource, you should look to find as many individuals on whom you can rely in your new command for assistance as you work towards mission success.

Support Network