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Human Resources and Organizational Management


Human Resources and Organizational Management

Headquarters Marine Corps

Your Sponsor: Your First Week (Onboarding Phase 3)
During your first week in the office, your Sponsor will continue helping you through all of the required actions of the check in process. As necessary, they will show you to the appropriate offices and make sure that you’re progressing through your orientation plan.


Though you may not have full network access during your first week, there are a series of required training classes that are available online for your access. Your Sponsor will assist you in accessing your required training and ensure that your completion is appropriately recorded.

Accessing Accounts

Once your Common Access Card (CAC) has been made, you will be able to access various network accounts. Some of these will be essential for the performance of your duties (SharePoint Sites, management systems, etc) and others will help you manage your personal records, benefits, and retirement savings. Your Sponsor will be your hands-on reference for accessing and navigating these various resources