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Human Resources and Organizational Management


Human Resources and Organizational Management

Headquarters Marine Corps

Your Sponsor: Your First Day (Onboarding Phase 2)
When you initially arrive for duty, you will work with your Human Resources Office (HRO) to meet the administrative requirements of check in. After this initial process, which varies in length depending on your agency, you will report to your new office. Your Supervisor will meet you, show you your workspace, and introduce you to your immediate work team, including your Sponsor. Your Sponsor will be your best immediate “non official” resource. They can help to introduce you to other staff members, show you around your work facility, and provide personal guidance regarding questions that you might have.


While your Supervisor should be sure to discuss official conduct and appearance standards with you, your Sponsor is a valuable resource regarding the “unwritten” rules of your office. They can help you understand the work environment and steer you around any problems you might face in your first days onboard.

Facilities Security

Obtaining appropriate security credentials often involves traveling around your facility to locate the appropriate office. Since you will most likely require an escort during this time, your Sponsor will typically be your guide. They will help you find your way to the appropriate offices and ensure that you have your paperwork filled out correctly. Due to their familiarity with your support staff, their presence will hopefully make the process less taxing.