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Human Resources and Organizational Management

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Your Onboarding Sponsor's Responsibilities

Your supervisor will assign a co-worker to be your Sponsor. The Sponsor's job is to facilitate your integration into the organization and help you understand the organizational culture.

Click on one of the pictures below or on one of the onboarding phases listed on your right (under "Your Onboarding Sponsor and You") to learn more about the role your Sponsor will be playing during each stage of the onboarding process.

Your Sponsor and The Five Phases
Phase 1: Before You Arrive  Phase 1: Before You Arrive
As you prepare for your first day, your Supervisor and Sponsor are preparing your workspace and getting ready to welcome you.
Phase 2: Your First Day  Phase 2: Your First Day
Ordinarily, the first person you will meet on your Onboarding day will be your Sponsor, who is assigned to take you through security, guide you through the Onboarding process, introduce you to your fellow workers and show you around the facility.
Phase 3: Your First Week  Phase 3: Your First Week
During your first week, your Sponsor will continue to serve as your most important contact. You'll have a million questions, and your Sponsor will try to answer them all!
Phase 4: Your First 90 Days  Phase 4: Your First 90 Days
By this time, you should have full access to all your online accounts and you will be able to manage your personnel records and your individual benefits programs. As you navigate the first 90 days of your job, your Sponsor will remain available to you to help and guide you regarding your work assignments and establishing your career as a Federal employee.
Phase 5: Your First Year  Phase 5: Your First Year
There are a variety of opportunities available to Civilian Marines. Your Sponsor and your fellow employees are committed to supporting you in your personal and professional development during your first year and beyond.

Your Onboarding Sponsor