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Your Responsibilities: Your First Year (Onboarding Phase 5)

The fifth and last Phase, "Your First Year," refers to the time between your first three months and the end of your first year of employment. It is recommended practice for every agency to get feedback on your experience at about the six month mark. Yet, for many agencies, formal activities related to onboarding do not extend into this period.

However, your feeling of newness and the accompanying learning curve remain. While you work with your Supervisor to prepare your long-term career goals, don't hesitate to share any challenges or doubts that you may be having. Supervisors are expected to be especially attentive to the newest members of their teams, even when there is no formal agency-wide program in place to offer you support.

Gaging Your Progress

Your Onboarding experience continues for the full first 12 months of your time with your new agency. Some HQMC organizations take the occasion of your first anniversary as a moment to celebrate your transition into an "old timer" on the team. Until that time, your team and you will be continuously reevaluating each other and making adjustments to ensure that you maintain a happy and productive working relationship.

You may be offered the opportunity to participate in a survey so that your leadership can better evaluate your experience (and make emprovements that will benefit those who come after you). However, even without the survey, you will be experiencing your first mid-term evaluation. This is a formal opportunity for you and your Supervisor to evaluate your progress toward the critical elements you undertood during Phase 3.

There are two additional programs with which you should become familiar: the Marine Corps Civilian Leadership Development Program (MCCLDP) and the Marine Corps Communities of Interest (COI). The MCCLDP is designed to help you advance toward positions of leadership as a Civilian Marine, while the COI assist you to develop core competencies in your field. Take this opportunity during Phase 5 to explore both of these programs.

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Onboarding Checklist - Phase 5

Onboarding Checklist - Phase 5
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a. Schedule informal reviews with your Supervisor (as required)   
b. Schedule coaching sessions with Supervisor (as necessary)   
a. Complete mid-term performance review (if required)   
a1. Complete self-assessment   
a2. Meet with your Supervisor   
a3. Sign off on completed Performance Review   
b. Complete year-end performance review   
b1. Complete self-assessment   
b2. Meet with your Supervisor   
b3. Sign off on completed Performance Review   
a. Learn about the Marine Corps Civilian Leadership Development Program (MCCLDP)  [Click Here
b. Apply for the MCCLDP   
c. Enlist a mentor  [Click Here
d. Create your Individual Leadership Development Plan (ILDP)   
e. Review your ILDP with your Supervisor for approval   
a. Learn about Communities of Interest (COI) and your Community  [Click Here
b. Contact your Community   
a. Celebrate your first anniversary as a Civilian Marine!   

Your First Year