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Human Resources and Organizational Management

Headquarters Marine Corps

Your Responsibilities: Your First 90 Days (Onboarding Phase 4)
Phase 4 provides you with the opportunity to review everything you've done thus far, using a broad range of tools that the Federal Government and the Department of the Navy (DON) have created to facilitate how you manage the day-to-day functioning of your HQMC career. In addition, the Marine Corps offers a wide variety of agency-funded training opportunities to assist your advancement.
Finalizing Your HQMC Career

Once you've gotten over the initial discomfort of starting a new position and becoming part of a new team, there may be a temptation to "settle in" prematurely. Your first 90 days offer you the opportunity to learn how to take advantage of the career-management tools that the Department of the Navy (DON) and HQMC offer you.

First, take advantage of the online programs that enable you to review and update your official record (as reflected on your SF-50 form): myBiz, myPay, and Total Workforce Management System (TWMS). All of these tools are CAC-enabled for ease of access.

Second, as you review your position records, take this opportunity to finalize the benefits for which you registerd in Onboarding Phase I. You have 90 Days from your EOD to make changes to your selected benefits. After that, most benefits can only be changed during "Open Season" (toward the end of the calendar year).

Finally, take this opportunity to review the many HQMC-funded training opportunities that are open to you. during this 90-day period, take the time to review your career goals, to research your options, and to establish and prioritize your "wish list." After discussing your future with your Supervisor, you'll have the chance to create a workable, short-term (1 year) plan -- your Individual Development Plan (IDP) that can serve to turn your wishes into realities.

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Onboarding Checklist - Phase 4

Onboarding Checklist - Phase 4
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a. Learn about your SF-50     
b. Learn the Total Workforce Management System (TWMS)  (TWMS) [Click Here
c. Learn the myPay Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) portal  (myPay)  [Click Here
d. Learn the myBiz portal to the Defense Civilian Personnel Data System (DCPDS)  (myBiz)  [Click Here
a. Federal Employee Health Benefit (FEHB)  (EBIS)  [Click Here
b. Federal Employees Group Life Insurance (FEGLI)  (EBIS)  [Click Here
c. Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP)  (Benefeds)  [Click Here
d. Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program (FLTCIP)  (FLTCIP)  [Click Here
e. Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)  (FSAFeds)  [Click Here
f. Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)  (EBIS)  [Click Here
a. Review HQMC training options     
b. Discuss your career development plans with your Supervisor     
c. Create and submit your Individual Development Plan (IDP)     
d. Receive IDP approval     
a. Consider your leadership career goals   [Click Here

Your First 90 Days