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Human Resources and Organizational Management

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Your Responsibilities: Before You Arrive (Onboarding Phase 1)
As a new employee, you are responsible for being an active participant in your own onboarding. Onboarding works best when it is a two-way process. The organization provides information, resources and equipment; you ought to be engaged and ready to embrace new ways of doing work and adapt to new office norms and work styles.

Phase One of the onboarding process includes the period of time after you have received your final offer and accepted the job, and before the first day of your employment. During this time, the Human Resources Office (HRO) sends paperwork and communicates logistical information. Your new Supervisor will be using this time to assign you an Onboarding Sponsor and to prepare your workspace for your arrival.

Preaparing for Your New Position

You should use this time for filling out paperwork, getting to know the details of your new job and new office, learning a new commute or otherwise preparing for the first day in the new job. For agencies that require suitability or clearance investigations before new employees can begin work, this period may be weeks or months.

Your new agency will use this time to begin communicating with you, rather than waiting until the first day, to provide a smoother transition.

● Please be sure to click on "Phase1: Before You Arrive" from the menu to your right to learn about the items in the checklist below.

● Click on "Onboarding Checklist - Phase 1" below for an Adobe Acrobat version of the checklist that you can download and save on your computer for your personal use.

Onboarding Checklist - Phase 1

Onboarding Checklist - Phase 1
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a. Learn about your Position Description (PD) from the "Your Position" page [Click Here
b. Download the job description from USAJobs or ask your HQMC contact for a copy of your PD.     [Click Here
c. Refer any questions you may have to your HQMC contact or your Supervisor   
d. Will you need Reasonable Accommodation? If so, contact your Supervisor  [Click Here
a. Determine which forms you will need from the "Onboarding Forms" page.       [Click Here
b. Download the required forms to your computer   
c. Complete all forms.   
d. Forward as many completed forms as possible to your HQMC contact.   
a. Review your transportation options on the "Transportation and Parking" page.  [Click Here
b. Will you need parking? Contact your Supervisor for instructions.   
c. Taking public transportation? Research your options and make special arrangements if necessary.   
a. Review your options on the "Attendance and Leave" page.  [Click Here
b. Contact your Supervisor (if possible) to discuss which scheduling options will best suit you.   
a. Review your Benefits options on the "Federal Employment Benefits" page.  [Click Here
b. Select your benefits   
c. Enroll in your selected benefits   
c1. Federal Employees Health Benefit (FEHB)  [Click Here
c2. Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP)  [Click Here
c3. Federal Flexible Spending Account(s)  [Click Here
c4. Federal Long-Term Care Insurance  [Click Here
c5. Federal Employee Group Life Insurance (FEGLI)  [Click Here
c6. Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)  [Click Here
a. Preview Phase 2 before reporting for duty  [Click Here