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Human Resources and Organizational Management


Human Resources and Organizational Management

Headquarters Marine Corps

Annual Training Requirements
In order to maintain basic competency in key areas, Civilian Marines are required to meet specific annual training requirements. Unlike professional development, which focuses on growing job related skills or leadership competencies; these requirements typically address specific personal safety, information security, or workplace environment needs.
Cyber Awareness Training
All civilian personnel are required to complete annual Civilian Cyber Awareness Training (CCAT) and it is required for all new hires prior to being granted access to a USMC network account. This includes:

  • Information Assurance Awareness (IAA)
  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Lethal Keystrokes
Online course:
[Click Here] Type "CYBERC" in the search box and hit Enter. Click the magnifying glass in front of the Civilian Cyber Awareness Training class (Course Code CYBERC). Click "Enroll" in the bottom left-hand corner. You must complete all modules and provide your Supervisor with the completion certificates.

Annual Security Training
All personnel are required to complete annual security training prior to 31 December of each year. This includes:

  • Basic Information and Personnel Security
  • Anti-Terrorism and Force Protection
  • Counter-Espionage
Online course:
[Click Here] Click on USMC Annual Security Training. You must complete all 4 modules and provide your Supervisor with the completion certificates.

Equal Employment Opportunity Training
All employees are required to complete the Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) training each year. This can be completed with any one of the EEO on-site training courses or individually online. New employees and supervisors can meet this requirement by attending New Employee Orientation (NEO) or New Supervisor Orientation (NSO).

Online course:
[Click Here] On the right, under the EEO Training tab, click the "Prevention of Sexual Harassment" class link. Once you have completed the presentation, you will have the option to print your completion certificate. Please provide your Supervisor with a copy of this certificate.