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Human Resources and Organizational Management


Human Resources and Organizational Management

Headquarters Marine Corps

Phase 1: Before You Arrive
Before you report for duty as a Civilian Marine, there are a number of decisions that you will have to make. The more well-informed you are, the easier these decisions will be.

We strongly recommend that you follow carefully the phase-by-phase checklists that we have provided for you under "Your Responsibilities". That way, you will be both well-informed and well-prepared to enter into your new career.

Phase One of the onboarding process includes the period of time after you have received your final offer and accepted the job, and before the first day of your employment. During this time, the Human Resources Office (HRO) will communicate with you regarding your paperwork and important logistical information. Your new Supervisor will be using this time to assign you an Onboarding Sponsor and to prepare your workspace for your arrival.

Employment Considerations

By now, you should have received your Firm and Final Offer of a position with Headquarters Marine Corps. Your offer will provide you with very important information regarding your position and when, where, and how you will report for your first day at work.

Your Position

The position for which you have been hired is indicated in the title of your Firm/Final Offer email. Each Federal Position must be identified by four elements: a) a Title, b) a Pay System, c) a Series, and d) a Grade. To find out more about positions in the Federal Government, please click on the "Your Position" under "Phase 1: Before You Arrive" on the right-hand menu.

Required Documents and Forms

In order to process your acceptance of the job offer you have received, you must provide certain information to Headquarters Marine Corps as well as documents that establish your identity and your eligibility to accept the postion you have been offered. This should be your first order of business. Please click on the "Documents and Forms" button on the right side of the page for further details.

Your Work Schedule

Depending on the policies and guidelines of your agency, you may have decisions to make concerning your work schedule. Additionally, many positions in the Federal Government are eligible for telework. To learn more about the options you will need to discuss with your supervisor, please click on the "Your Schedule" under "Phase 1: Before You Arrive" on the right-hand menu.

Your Transportation

Getting to work at Headquarters Marine Corps involves much more than knowing the address where you will report for duty on your first day, and the address of the office where you will be working. Parking (even temporary parking) is at a premium and, in most cases, must be arranged in advance. Public and Department of Defense transportation provide many other options. Transportation subsidies are available. Carpooling ("slugging") may also be an option. Click on "Transportation and Parking" under "Phase 1: Before You Arrive" on the right-hand menu for more information.

Your Benefits

As a Federal employee, you will have a number of important and valuable benefits available to you. Once you have received and accepted your final job offer, you can begin the enrollment process for some of the programs that best suit your needs. Click on the "Your Benefits" option under "Phase 1: Before You Arrive" on the right-hand menu for more information.

‚óŹ Select the option "Responsibilities: Before You Arrive" under "Your Responsibilities" to create a checklist for this phase of your Onboarding process.

Fill out forms

Your Onboarding Checklist
 Onboarding ChecklistClick on the "Onboarding Checklist" button to view the checklist we have provided for this phase of your onboarding.
Download Your Required Forms Here
Documents and FormsClick on the "Documents and Forms" button to the right to display the list of forms you are required to fill out and bring with you to your Entrance on Duty.
Need Reasonable Accommodation?

What is Reasonable Accommodation (RA)?

Reasonable Accommodation (RA) is an adjustment to a job or work environment which enables an employee with a disability to perform the duties of the position. HQMC is an equal opportunity employer.

What to do if you need RA

It is imperative that, as soon as you have accepted employment with HQMC, you notify us that you require RA by contacting either your new supervisor (if you know who that will be) or the Employment Equal Opportunity (EEO) office at the following address:

Reasonable Accommodation Program Manager
2004 Barnett Ave, Room 123
Quantico, VA 22134

Tel: (703) 784-2281/2946/2368  
Click Here to learn more about RA