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Supervisors' Onboarding Guide: Phase 5
By this time, the New Hire should be well integrated into your organization and familiar with their projects and workload. For the most part, you should be to the point of managing them in the same way as you do the rest of your team. The Onboarding program for the remainder of the first year provides you both with the opportunity to look even farther into their future. There's an old saying, "If it's not on the schedule, it won't get done." Headquarters Marine Corps provides you with tools to put their long-range career development plans on a workable schedule. 
Your Tasks for the First Year

Key Activities for Phase Five

  • Work to Support and Develop the New Hire’s Performance – Schedule informal performance reviews, coaching sessions (as necessary), and provide access to whatever resources are available to help develop the New Hire’s performance.
  • Introduce Professional and Leadership Development Resources - Explain the Marine Corps Civilian Leadership Development Program (MCCLDP) and Communities of Interest (COI) Program. For MCCLDP information, visit the Marine Corps Civilian Leadership Development Program (MCCLDP) web page, and for COI information, visit the USMC Communities of Interest (COI) web page.
  • Assist New Hire in Finding a Mentor – Obtaining a mentor is a requirement of the MCCLDP. However, even if the New Hire chooses not to participate in that program, they could still benefit from the mentor relationship. If they are interested, assist them in finding and working with potential mentors and developing a robust professional network.
  • Celebrate the New Hire’s First Anniversary – Whether it’s a simple email, an office gathering, a free lunch, or a piece of cake, it's important to find a way to recognize the New Hire’s first anniversary. This milestone represents the completion of their onboarding experience and the maturation of the New Hire in the workforce.
  • Measure Onboarding Effectiveness – HROM strives to provide guidance and resources that enable an effective onboarding experience for New Hires. However, much of the success or failure of this experience is dependent on individual commands, so you should work to gain feedback regarding the effectiveness of your efforts. This can be through formal (surveys, questionnaires) or informal (short discussions or emails) means, but is an important way of learning in order to provide an effective onboarding experience for future New Hires.

Your First Year

Phase 5 Checklists and Resources
The Onboarding Guide provides a checklist to accompany each phase of the onboarding process to assist the New Hire. Please ensure that they have access to their Phase 4 checklist and be aware of what it requires of them.
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