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International Affairs Branch (PLU)


International Affairs Branch (PLU)

Headquarters Marine Corps

Plans, Policies & Operations (PP&O)

International Affairs Branch (PLU)
Mission Statement:

Develop policy, manage programs, and support the Commandant of the Marine Corps, Deputy Commandant for Plans, Policies and Operations, and the Director of Strategy and Plans on matters relating to politico-military matters and international affairs, security cooperation, foreign disclosure and technology transfer in order to develop positive political-military relationships and build partner capacity with foreign partners.

points of contact
Contact     Commercial      E-Mail Address    
Branch Head     (703) 692-4254        
Deputy Branch Head     (703) 693-1365        
CentCom Desk Officer     (703) 692-4345          
Asia/PaCom Desk Officer     (703) 692-4346             
Security Cooperation Policy AO     (703) 692-4341             
International Affairs Programs Coordinator     (703) 604-4664 or 604-0030      Benjamin.pipes@usmc.mil      
SouthCom/NorthCom Desk Officer     (703) 692-4344            
Eastern Europe/AfricaCom/Israel Desk Officer     (703) 692-4368            
Foreign Disclosure/Technology Trans     (703) 692-4342 or 693-1364            
Program Analyst for Security Assistance Fiscal     (703) 692-4338 or 692-4340            
Budget Analyst     (703) 692-4343            
EUCOM/Western Europe Desk Officer     (703) 692-4367            
South Asia Desk Officer     (703) 614-0322            
Program Analyst     (703) 692-4339            
Security Cooperation Analyst      (703) 692-4375 or 693-9766            
AFPAK Hands Program Manager      (703) 614-3287            


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