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Strategy and Plans Division
Plans, Policies & Operations (PP&O)


The Director assists DC, PP&O to coordinate and supervise staff activities on joint policy, plans, and memoranda; current and future strategy; international affairs and policy issues; security cooperation and military assistance activities; information operations, operational security, cyberspace and space integration matters; and policy for joint commands established by the President. The Director performs the duties of Marine Corps Deputy Operations Deputy (DepOpsDep) in the absence of the ADC, PP&O.



                           Brigadier General Simon M. Doran
                        Director, Strategy and Plans Division


                                 Mr. Jeffrey L. DeWeese
                Deputy Director, Strategy and Plans Division

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Contact                                               Commercial                                                                          
Director                                                (703) 614-4221
Administrative Officer                          (703) 692-4373
Deputy Director                                   (703) 614-4221


Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps
Plans, Policies and Operations
Strategy and Plans Division (PL)
3000 Marine Corps Pentagon (Rm 4B337)
Washington DC 20350-3000

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 Contact                        Commercial                                                           
 PLA                               (703) XXX-XXXX
 PLS                               (703) XXX-XXXX
 PLX                               (703) XXX-XXXX
 PLU                               (703) XXX-XXXX       
 PLN                               (703) XXX-XXXX


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Plans, Policies and Operations