The Marine Corps Acculturation Program (MCAP) is a training course designed to educate Civilian Marines on USMC history, culture, organizational structure, and career and leadership development. The second phase of the lifecycle is acculturation of Civilian Marines into the Marine Corps culture. Each installation has a Civilian Career and Leadership Development (CCLD)/Human Resources Development Strategic Advisor (HRDSA) point of contact who facilitates the MCAP sessions.


Acculturation is vital to the workforce, as it instills the traits and social patterns of the larger organizational culture and assimilates new members into the existing structure. The focus is to provide an overall picture of the Marine Corps to newly-assigned Civilian Marines.


Specifically, the goals of the MCAP are:


1. To increase knowledge of the Marine Corps and the value that the Marine Corps places on its culture.


2. To highlight the vital role that Civilian Marines play as members of the Marine Corps team.


3. To enhance overall understanding of the Marine Corps workforce environment and where each civilian fits in, and to educate Civilian Marines about the Marine Corps Civilian Workforce Campaign Plan (CWCP) and the career and leadership development opportunities available to them.


Upon completion of the program, each Civilian Marine will reaffirm their oath to the United States and take part in a graduation ceremony, conducted by their MCAP instructors. The new Civilian Marines are presented with a Certificate of Completion and Civilian Marine pin.


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