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Security and Emergency Services Community of Interest (SES COI)


Security and Emergency Services Community of Interest (SES COI)

Headquarters Marine Corps

Plans, Policies & Operations (PP&O)
Security and Emergency Services Community of Interest

As one of the 20 Communities of Interest (COIs) initiated by General Jones, the Security and Emergency Services (S/ES) community provides members with training opportunities and forums to discuss issues, share best practices and promote common interests. The S/ES COI is led by a senior civilian appointed by the CMC and a manager appointed by the COI leader. Each occupational series has at least one member assigned as a collateral duty representative.  Members of the S/ES COI develop, coordinate, integrate and oversee force protection policies, and sponsor selected critical programs to provide secure environments. These activities enable the operating forces and supporting establishments to successfully execute Marine Corps global missions. Members of this COI also include first responders to fires, public safety and medical emergencies, disasters and terrorist acts. Additionally, they ensure Marine Corps installations are secure by investigating crimes and coordinating with intelligence services across the Federal Government to prevent espionage and terrorism. The following occupational series are part of the S/ES COI:

  • 0006 – Correctional Administration
  • 0080 – AT
  • 0080 – CBRNE
  • 0080 – Law Enforcement Services Officer
  • 0080 – MA/CIP
  • 0080 – Physical Security
  • 0080 – Information & Personnel Security
  • 0081 – Fire Protection & Prevention
  • 0083 – Police
  • 0085 – Security Guard
  • 0086 – Security Admin & Assistance
  • 0089 – Emergency Management
  • 0303 – Domestic Animal Control
  • 1712 – Law Enforcement Training Specialist
  • 1801 – Crime Analyst
  • 1801 – Evidence Custodian
  • 1801 – General Investigations
  • 1802 – Compliance Investigations
  • 1810 – Administration Investigation
  • 1811 – Criminal Investigation
  • 1801/1810/1811 – Conservation Law Enforcement
  • 2005 – Ready for Issue Technician
  • 2151 – Emergency Dispatching
  • 6610 – Small Arms Repairer


Mission Statement

The Marine Corps Security and Emergency Services Community of Interest provides mission-oriented career development platforms, and promotes the interests of its members and organizations.

Vision Statement
To meet future safety and security needs for all Marine Corps Installations by continuing to provide Security and Emergency Services members with mission-oriented career development models, competency enhancement opportunities, and a means of fostering community awareness to improve communications, share best practices, and find innovative solutions for common practices.
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Per MARADMIN 01316 the Civilian Marine Foundational Skills Training Program (CFSP) was established to enhance competency in skills that transcend occupational series lines.  The current platform identified to support this program is LinkedIn Learning. LinkedIn Learning is an online learning library where employees have unlimited access to 16,000+ expert-led courses on the latest software tools, creative, productivity, and business skills. Courses are taught by industry experts, are designed for all levels of learners, and are available any time. Earn a certificate when you complete a course. Receive course recommendations tailored to you. Use project files and quizzes to practice while you learn. View courses anytime on your computer or phone


*LinkedIn Learning is still blocked on the MCEN, you can still register for an account, once you get the invite email forward to your personal device and set up your account and enjoy thousands of online courses.  



SES Randy R. Smith

Assistant Deputy Commandant

Plans, Policies and Operations (Security) Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps

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