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Law Enforcement & Corrections (PSL)


Law Enforcement & Corrections (PSL)

Headquarters Marine Corps

Plans, Policies & Operations (PP&O)
Law Enforcement & Corrections (PSL)

Mission Statement 
Serve as the Marine Corps advocate for law enforcement and corrections doctrine, plans, programs, and policies to the supporting establishment and operating forces IOT provide a highly skilled and technical law enforcement capability to installation and MAGTF commanders.

Points of Contact
Billet                Rank                First Name                Last Name                eMail Address                Phone Number  
Branch Head               Colonel               Bernard               Hess               bernard.hess@usmc.mil               (703) 692-4307
Dep Branch Head               Major               Jacob               Hoskins               jacob.e.hoskins@usmc.mil               (703) 692-4247
Sen Enlisted Advisor               MGySgt               William               Kartune               william.h.kartune@usmc.mil               (703) 692-4248
Policy Officer               Major               Colin               Edwards               colin.edwards@usmc.mil               (703) 692-4251
Prog Manager, SELE               GS14               Maceo               Franks               maceo.franks@usmc.mil               (703) 692-4245
Operations Officer               Major               Wayne               Williams               wayne.p.williams@usmc.mil               (703) 692-4249
Prog Manager, MWD               GS14               William               Childress               william.c.childress@usmc.mil               (703) 692-4250
Head of CID               CWO4               Eric               Peters               Eric.peters2@usmc.mil               (703) 692-4231
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