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Mission Statement

The mission of Marine Corps Corrections is to promote mission readiness, and assist commanders in the maintenance of discipline and law and order by providing a uniform system of restraint, detention, confinement and correctional services for those who have failed to adhere to legally established rules. This is accomplished through the administration of the Marine Corps Corrections system, absentee/deserter apprehension program, and enemy detention operations;  all of which provide effective opportunities by which offenders can achieve positive changes which result in successful restoration to duty or reintegration to civilian life.




CWO5 Joseph J. Moschetto CWO3 Denise V. Barnes MGySgt James A. Cowell
Head, Marine Corps Corrections   Policy Officer  Operations Chief 



Contact Info
Head of Corrections
(703) 692-4269
Policy Officer
(703) 604-4126
Operations Chief 
(703) 604-4503
Prisoner Management
(703) 604-4354

Deserter Information Point (24 Hour Line) 

Office: (703) 604-0395/3667 

Cell: (703) 795-3822


(703) 604-0769           

Mailing Address: 

Headquarters Marine Corps, PSL Corrections

701 South Courthouse Rd

Suite 2000

Arlington VA 22204-2478