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Security Division (PS)


Security Division (PS)

Headquarters Marine Corps

Plans, Policies & Operations (PP&O)
Security Division (PS)
Mission Statement

Develop, coordinate, integrate and oversee force protection policies and sponsor selected critical programs to provide secure environments enabling the operating forces and supporting establishment to successfully execute Marine Corps global missions.

Vision Statement
To become a more efficient, innovative and capable organization that develops superior force protection policies and provides excellent program management and oversight for our Marines, civilians and families.

Policy Development. Develop, implement, and oversee the full spectrum of force protection policies.

Program Management. Develop, source, centrally manage, and supervise selected critical security and force protection systems and programs for the Marine Corps.

Force Protection Information Focal Point. Serve as the focal point for senior Marine Corps leadership on force protection matters.

Interagency Coordination. Coordinate Marine Corps activities with external federal, state and local security, homeland defense, first response, and law enforcement organizations.

MOS Management. Provide oversight to the Military Police and Corrections MOS communities.

Progressive, Proactive and Innovative Organization. Continually work to:

  • Optimize business practices
  • Improve on a positive work environment that encourages cooperation, open communication, and mutual respect
  • Aggressively seek proactive and innovative solutions to force protection challenges


Points of Contact
Admin Officer                703-614-1068                            
Admin Clerk               703-614-1068                                

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Director, Security Division (PS)


SES Mr. Randy R. Smith

Assistant Deputy Commandant (Security),

Plans, Policies and Operations Department

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