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POR System Section
Plans, Policies & Operations (PP&O)

Readiness Systems

Systems section leads, manages and maintains readiness reporting and related systems for the Marine Corps.  The principal readiness system for the Marine Corps is the Defense Readiness Reporting System – Marine Corps or DRRS-MC.  DRRS-MC is a program of record that provides resource readiness reporting in accordance with the USC Title 10 responsibilities and the Chairman’s Readiness System.  Systems establishes specific reporting policies for all Marine components, operating forces, and supporting establishment entities. 

In addition, systems section manages all readiness reporting from the Marine Corps including support to daily readiness reports, readiness doctrine development, unit and staff readiness training, systems integration (across service, Joint and Department systems processes including DRRS-Strategic), and support to force apportionment, alignment and allocation.  Systems section maintains and improves the DRRS-MC program of record, the Medical Readiness Reporting System (MRRS), and associated databases.  Finally, Systems section provides training for the Marine Corps in readiness reporting. 

Systems section supports the following working groups and processes:

  • Readiness Issue Teams: An annual review of budgetary impact on the services (led by P&R to OSD/CAPE).
  • Strategic Readiness Initiatives: Systems is tasked with reviewing strategic readiness initiatives across the service in order to generate better doctrine and training (led by PP&O/POR). 
  • The Institutional Readiness Working Group: A Branch-Chief level working group to review and resolve readiness-associated issues (led by PP&O/POR). 
  • Force Synchronization and Operations Summits: Monthly to bi-monthly meetings to coordinate operations and force allocation across the Marine Corps (led by PP&O/POCF). 
  • The Marine Corps Strategic Health Assessment: a service-wide review of the health of the institution undertaken on an annual basis in the greatest detail possible (led by P&R/PA&E). 
  • The MAGTF Operational Planning Team: A review of MAGTF capabilities and requirements across the serfvice (led by P&R/PA&E).
  • Global Force Management: Systems responds to this process with the necessary adaptations to reflect the actual employment of the force in readiness systems and reporting (led by PP&O/POCF). 
  • Defense Readiness Reporting System – Marine Corps (DRRS-MC): Establish policy & ensure compliance of Readiness Reporting Systems IAW USC Title 10 and the Chairman's Readiness Reporting System directives; reports the readiness of the Marine Corps to D/C PP&O, Joint Staff, OSD and Congress  (Led by PP&O/POR). 
  • Medical Readiness Reporting System (MRRS): Establish policy & ensure compliance of medical reporting; reports the readiness of the Marine Corps to D/C PP&O, Joint Staff, OSD and Congress  (Led by PP&O/POR). 
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Plans, Policies and Operations