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Readiness Section
Plans, Policies & Operations (PP&O)


The Readiness Section supports internal and external readiness processes, integrates readiness input within HQMC and from the MARFORs, and provides on-going readiness analysis and reporting to HQMC, the Joint Staff, the Office of the Secretary of Defense, and to Congress. 

Product and reporting requirements include both periodic and incidental responses on behalf of the service capturing readiness.  Products include, but are not limited to:

To Congress

  • The Quarterly Readiness Report to Congress (QRRC): a quarterly requirement in Title 10, USC, to regularly report on the status of readiness and risks in executing the National Military Strategy.
  • Response to congressional inquiry
  • Testimony Review 

To the Joint Staff and OSD

  • The Joint Combat Capabilities Assessment (JCCA): Quarterly process used to provide the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff a strategic readiness assessment of DOD’s ability to meet the demands of the National Military Strategy.  
  • The Joint Forces Readiness Report (JFRR): the principal quarterly assessment of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff readiness system.
  • The Quarterly Readiness Assessment (QRA): a Joint Staff requirement which reports readiness against specified Joint Capabilities Areas and aggregated category levels. 
  • Response to Office of the Secretary of Defense
  • Joint Staff Action Process  

With the USMC     

  • CMC Monthly Readiness Update: a monthly review of Force Readiness data provided to Senior Leadership
  • Weekly Unit Readiness Update: a weekly review of Force Readiness data provided to DirOps and PP&O
  • Daily Compiled DRRS-MC Commander’s Comments: a daily report of all unit readiness reports in the service. 
  • Marine Corps Action Tracking System
  • Senior Leadership Preparation
  • Testimony Review  

Support to Working Groups

Office of the Secretary of Defense Readiness Management Group (RMG)
Deputies Management Action Group (DMAG)
Chairman’s Readiness System
Marine Readiness Oversight Counsel (MROC)
Institutional Readiness Working Group (IRWG)

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Plans, Policies and Operations