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Plans, Policies & Operations (PP&O)


Plans, Policies & Operations (PP&O)

Headquarters Marine Corps

Plans, Policies & Operations (PP&O)
Plans, Policies & Operations (PP&O)

Mission Statement

The Deputy Commandant for Plans, Policies and  Operations (DC, PP&O) performs a dual mission:

  • Is the Operations Deputy (OpsDep) for the Commandant on all Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) matters.  Serves as the focal point for the interface between the Marine Corps (as one of the four Services) and the joint and combined activities of the JCS and the unified Commanders-in-Chief, and various allied and other foreign Defense agencies.  
  • Is responsible for coordinating the development and execution of service plans and policies related to the structure, deployment, and employment of Marine Corps forces in general.

In both joint and service functions, the PP&O department is structured and chartered to serve as the Commandant's principle staff agency for the development and articulation of a wide spectrum of concepts, plans, and policies; and to direct and supervise execution and/or implementation of those policies.

  • Joint Functions
    • Is the Deputy to the Commandant, the Assistant Commandant, or such other general officers as the Commandant may formally designate as "Acting" in his absence.
    • Is the point of contact for all JCS matters; develops and/or coordinates HQMC staff action on all JCS issues.
    • Establishes staff procedures, administrative guidance, and provides assistance for processing joint actions.
    • Is the focal point for Marine Corps participation in the Joint Strategic Planning System.

  • Service Functions
    • Is the Deputy to the Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps.
    • Directs, supervises, and participates in the staff coordination of operational matters; Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) matters; combat readiness; security matters; amphibious and pre-positioning matters; and is the Advocate for the Command Element and Ground Combat Element.
Points of Contact

Billet               Business Phone                E-mail Address 
DC PP&O Schedular                703-614-8510                                
IMA Det Admin Chief                703-614-8463                                
MCATS Manager                703-614-8483                                
PP&O Front Office                703-614-8552                                
PP&O Security Coordinator                703-614-8498                                
Senior Enlisted Advisor                703-614-8487