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Security Programs and Information Management Branch

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Communications Security

The Communications Security (COMSEC) Section, ARSC, provides services for Communications Security Material requirements to all HQMC Staff Agencies/USMC Commands and Activities throughout the National Capital Region.  This section manages the Key Management Infrastructure (KMI) account for all cryptologic products, services and Local Elements.  The Key Management Infrastructure provides the capability for automated generation, accounting, distribution, destruction, and management of COMSEC Material and non-key COMSEC related items. 


The HQMC KMI Managers or KOAMs are your subject matter experts for all Communications Security (COMSEC) material and equipment.  The EKMS 1 (series) manual and the HQMC COMSEC SOP provides policy and procedures for the proper ordering, filling, generation, distribution, accountability, storage, usage, destruction, and management of COMSEC material and equipment.  The KMI managers also will assist in COMSEC equipment requisition for new communications/data circuits.  ARSC provides assistance with classified hard-drive disposal procedures and classified material shredder information.

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