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Records Reports, Directives and Forms Management Section (ARDB)


RECORDS MANAGEMENT. Provides policy and procedural guidance on all aspects of the Marine Corps Records Management (RM) Program. The policy and procedures for paper and electronic records management are published in MCO 5210.11F, "Marine Corps Records Management Program." ARDB provides assistance to RM system owners for SF 115 requests and processing. ARDB also provides RM assistance to Command Designated Records Managers (CDRM) throughout the Marine Corps, develops training, and approves requests for the transfer of records to the Federal Records Centers (FRCs).

REPORTS MANAGEMENT. Provides policy and procedures for the management of Information Collections, also referred to as “Reports.”  ARDB provides the review and approval of all Information Collections levied upon HQMC staff agencies and field activities.  Approved reports are published in the applicable activity’s Marine Corps directive.  Report sponsors are required to contact the HQMC reports manager (ARDB) when crafting a new reporting requirement or revising an existing report.  Listings of approved reports can be viewed on the Records, Reports, and Directives SharePoint Portal website.  

DIRECTIVES MANAGEMENT. Performs editorial review of all directives generated by HQMC and signed by CMC, ACMC, DMCS and the Deputy Commandants. Over 500 directives are sponsored by various HQMC Departments and Staff Agencies. All directives eventually meet their life cycle and require changes and substantial revisions. In some cases new Marine Corps Orders and/or Marine Corps Bulletins are required per policy implementation from higher. When new directives are required, ARDB personnel serve as subject matter experts to guide sponsors through the staffing process and meet compliance for publication. The policy and procedures for creating and updating directives are published in MCO 5215.1K, "Marine Corps Directives Management Program." All directives are posted to the Marine Corps Publications Electronic Library (MCPEL) website. MCPEL is the only official and authoritative source for Marine Corps Orders and Marine Corps Bulletins. ARDB also posts all directives to the HQMC Records, Reports, and Directives SharePoint Portal website for Marine Corps internal use. Contact ARDB to establish an account and gain access to the Portal.

FORMS MANAGEMENT. ARDB serves as the Program Manager, Marine Corps Forms Management Program (PM/MCFMP), and is responsible for managing, reviewing and designing new and revised forms for use Marine Corps-wide.  Form sponsors must submit the draft form(s) to ARDE for review and approval prior to staffing.  The PM/MCFMP coordinates with forms sponsors and field commands to validate the need for the form.  All Marine Corps prescribed forms are available online at Naval Forms Online. https://forms.documentservices.dla.mil/order/  Marine Corps Electronic Forms (MCEF) is also updated and distributed quarterly on CD-ROM along with Marine Corps Publications Electronic Library (MCPEL).  For access to other forms, contact ARDB.

Records Management Resources





MCBUL 5210    

Marine Corps Transition to Electronic Records Management (ERM)     




Quick Series Guide contain Electronic Records Management responsibilities for Commanders, CDRMs and Staff Section Record Managers




Quick Series - Commanders

Quick Series Guide on Electronic Records Management for Commanders


Quick Series - CDRMs

Quick Series Guide on Electronics Records Management for CDRMs

Quick Series - Staff Section RMs

Quick Series Guide on Electronic Records Management for Staff Section RMs




CROSS is a SharePoint tool designed to provide support to Command Designated Records Managers (CDRMs) in the development and maintenance of Records Management Program.




MCEITS Account Request 

Prior to gaining access to CROSS, all users MUST have a MCEITS account (now called HCS account) 


CROSS End User Registration Guide 

After obtaining MCEITS account, Register for CROSS 


CROSS End User Guide 

After obtaining access to CROSS, utilize CROSS End User Guide 



Contains a list of FAQ related to CROSS Download

CROSS Slick Sheet

Contains brief overview of CROSS Download

MCTILM Slick Sheet

Contains brief overview of MCTILM Download
AllSSICCrosswalk V1.1 This document compiles all 13 Record Schedule Chapters, for convenience of use and search when developing a file plan. Download
Policy Matrix Contains Records Management Policy Matrix links Download
CAPSTONE Slick Sheet Contains Who, Where, What, When and Why (5 W's) about Capstone Download
RM SOP Template Records Management SOP Template Download



ARCIS is the records transfer and reference request system that the National Archives and Federal Records Centers (FRC) use, which replaces the paper SF-135s.




ARCIS Account Request Form - NA Form 13170 

Complete Section 1 only (Other Sections not required) and send to HQMCREC-MGR@usmc.mil for processing. Type 127 for the Record Group in Section 1. 

Click for NA Form 13170

FRC Location by Geographic area 

FRC location by Geographic area reference 


ARCIS User Guide 

After obtaining access to ARCIS, utilize ARCIS End User Guide 




DITPR-DON provides a web-based system through which authorized users are able to view and update information about DoD IT systems




DITPR-DON RM TAB Update Requests 

Contains instructions on how to submit DITPR-DON Records Management (RM) tab requests. 



Directives Management Resources
Name Description Resources
Directives Review Process Desktop guide for MCO/MCBul processing Download
MCO template Template for writing Marine Corps Orders Download
MCBul Template Template for writing Marine Corps Bulletins Download
Change Transmittal Template Template for writing a change transmittal for directives Download
NAVMC HQ 942 form Form for Directives Program Coordination record  Download
More Forms Directives Management Resources View


ARDB Section

Records, Reports, Directives & Forms Management Section (ARDB)

3000 Marine Corps Pentagon Room 2B253                                                                                                                                                                             Washington, DC 20350-3000

Section Head
Phone: 703-614-1081

Deputy Section Head
Phone: 703-614-1081

Records Program Manager
Phone: 703-614-2311
Email: HQMCREC-MGR@usmc.mil

Reports Program Manager
Phone: 703-614-2311
Email: SMB_HQMC_REPORTS@usmc.mil

Directives Program Manager
Phone: 703-695-6578
Email: smb_hqmc_directives@usmc.mil

Forms Program Manager
Phone: 703-614-2311
Email: smb_hqmc_ard_forms@usmc.mil

User / Site Administration
Phone: 703-614-2311