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Publishing and Logistics Management Branch

Administration and Resource Management

Headquarters Marine Corps
Publishing and Logistics Systems Management Section (ARDE)

The Publishing and Logistics Systems Management Section (ARDE) is designated as the Marine Corps Central Printing and Publishing Management Organization (MCCPPMO) responsible for providing oversight management and control of the Marine Corps printing and publishing management programs, including the issuance of policy and regulations governing acquisition and management of document services.  ARDE also provides direct support printing and document support services to Headquarters, Marine Corps activities.  Responsibilities in specific functional areas follow:

COPIERS:  The Publishing and Logistics Systems Management Section (ARDE) serves as the HQMC focal point for all copiers and Multi-Functional Devices (MFD) (equipment that copies, prints, scans and/or faxes) located in HQMC office spaces.  To arrange a service call or request supplies or service, customers may call the phone number on the device equipment tag or send email to smb.hqmc.arde@usmc.mil. Copier technicians routinely respond to requests for supplies and repairs within two hours of receipt of the trouble call.  

FACSIMILE DEVICES & NON-IT OFFICE AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT:  ARDE serves as the HQMC focal point for all Facsimile Devices and other non-IT office automation equipment (such as high-volume shredders).  ARDE provides funding for acquisition and repair of office automation equipment; these requests must be submitted via email to smb.hqmc.arde@usmc.mil.  In your email, include the following: 
• Specify if device will be used for classified information.
• Repair requests must include the make, model, serial number, location and service problem.
• ARDE will make arrangements for the trouble call, but the using office requesting service must provide escort for access to Pentagon.    

MARINE CORPS PUBLICATIONS ELECTRONIC LIBRARY (MCPEL):  The Marine Corps Publications Electronic Library (MCPEL) has two versions that can be found in two different locations.  The MCPEL can be found on line at the publicly accessible website, www.usmc.mil, under the "News" tab at the top.  This contains electronic versions of directives and publications that are authorized for public release (Distribution Statement A).  The MCPEL is also updated and distributed quarterly on CD-ROM; all unclassified publications are on the CD-ROM to include restricted distribution publications.  

PRINTING:  ARDE provides printing support for the Marine Corps.  Printing requirements should be submitted to ARDE via email to smb.hqmc.arde@usmc.mil.  High priority printing jobs can be accommodated within 5-10 workdays; routine printing jobs require approximately 30-45 workdays, but complex projects will require more lead time.  Customers must provide either camera-ready hard-copy or electronic files suitable for printing.  HQMC Combat Visual Information Center (CVIC) can provide assistance creating appropriate electronic media.  Customers are urged to contact ARDE in advance to obtain guidance and to ensure the products can be printed and distributed as required and within budget constraints. 

PUBLICATIONS MANAGEMENT:  ARDE is responsible for maintaining the Marine Corps Publications Distribution System (MCPDS).  The MCPDS is used to manage initial distribution of publications, as well as reprints for stock replenishments and filling publication backorders.  The MCPDS is also used by publication clerks throughout the operating forces worldwide to order publications, check status on outstanding orders, report receipts and manage local unit libraries.  Marine Corps publication sponsors are responsible for loading initial distribution of new publications into the MCPDS and forwarding all documentation to ARDE for printing/publishing.  Contact ARDE for more information on MCPDS, including access to the system and training.

ARDE SEction
Publishing & Logistics Systems Management Section
3000 Marine Corps Pentagon
Room 2B253
Washington, DC 20350-3000

Help Desk:
Comm: 703-614-1712/1713 
DSN:  224-1712/1713
Email: smb.hqmc.arde@usmc.mil