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MCB Camp Butler VWAP Program

MCB Camp Butler's Victim and Witness Assistance Program (VWAP) is designed to ensure victims and witnesses of crime are treated with fairness and dignity and are afforded their rights throughout the military justice process – from the first report of a crime through any period of confinement adjudged by a court-martial.

The Marine Corps VWAP instruction is contained at Chapter 6 of the LEGADMINMAN, click: MCO P5800.16A.

Victim Witness Liaison Officer

Captain Rebecca Harvey, USMC is the Victim and Witness Liaison Officer (VWLO) for MCB Camp Butler and acts as the Commanding General, Marine Corps Installations Pacific manager for the VWAP Program aboard the installation.  In that capacity, Capt Harvey chairs the VWAP Council, manages and maintains a list of all unit Victim Witness Assistance Coordinators and other base Victim Witness Representatives, provides liaison with local civilian services for victims of crime, tracks all services provided and is the central point of contact for the base program.

Pursuant to Marine Corps Directives, each office or agency which provides services to victims and witnesses appoints a Victim Witness Assistance Representative and each unit (Battalion and Squadron level and above) appoints a Victim Witness Assistance Coordinator (VWAC).  The VWAC and other representatives are responsible for that unit or office’s part of the base VWAP.

Captain Harvey can be contacted at DSN: 315-645-3977 or click here to email her.