Technology Services Organization (TSO) is a U.S. Marine Corps' owned technical solution provider that supports DoD core business operations systems that include: pay and personnel, accounting, budgeting and analysis.  TSO's pay and personnel products make sure that Marines get paid accurately and on-time and that their families receive benefits and entitlements.  TSO's accounting products make sure that congressional defense budgets are executed as intended, giving the DoD positive control of its funds, and provide business intelligence into the best use of those funds.



TSO's workforce takes great satisfaction in knowing that doing the job well means supporting men and women in uniform every day and that the TSO ultimately helps the Department of Defense be prepared to face the next challenge to the nation's security.


TSO serves the Department of Defense (DoD).  Whatever the DoD, the Department of the Navy (DoN), and the Marine Corps gives us to do, we do.  Those orders become our mission.  We have a talent pool that we mobilize - just like a regular unit - to accomplish that mission. 


For years, our primary mission has been to maintain legacy systems for the Marine Corps.  These are the systems we developed with dedication, showing our devotion to those that we support. We are rightfully proud of these systems. 


Technical Services Organization (TSO) is evolving.  We have changed, and are changing, the ways we develop software.  Our organizational structure has evolved, and our mission is also evolving.  TSO is being asked to grow.  TSO is now actively recruiting - looking for new talent to team with our experts in order to help give re-birth to many of our systems in a way that is sustainable long-term.  With such an amazing mission, we know we can attract just the right talent for the job.

The TSO provides development, design, production and sustainment support of enterprise-level information technology systems including but not limited to pay, personnel, budget execution, orders writing, accounting and installation systems for the Marine Corps.  Additionally, TSO provides this service to Department of Defense components, services and agencies on a reimbursable basis.