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Commanding Officer, Company H

Major Kenneth C. Huxtable, USMC


Senior Enlisted Marine, Company H

MSgt Bradly D. Naukam, USMC





Company H executes Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), Information Assurance (IA), and National-Tactical Integration (NTI) activities through the National Security Agency and Central Security Service (NSA/CSS) to support national, combined, joint, and Marine Corps requirements and to shape future Marine intelligence capabilities.


Company Office: (210) 346-3982

Barracks DNCO: (240) 856-9038

Company S-1: (210) 346-3983

Unit Voting Assistance: (210) 346-3975

Co GySgt: (210) 346-3980

Senior Enlisted Marine: (210) 346-3984

XO: (210) 346-5030

CO: (210) 346-3985

Last Updated:  20170801