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Inspector General of the Marine Corps

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Functional Area Checklists

18 February 2020: All valid Functional Area Checklists are listed alphabetically below.  An "effective date" column was added to allow better sorting; effective dates depict new checklists, checklists with updates, and/or otherwise validated checklists by the functional area sponsor. 

New Checklist(s):  Records Management (5210); Reports Management (5214); Formal School Management (1553.3) [reposting after validated as current].

Updated Checklist(s):   Directives Management (5215); Suicide Prevention (1720) [various updates, MARFORRES section added]; Physical Fitness Program (6100.14) & Force Fitness Instructor Program (1500.62) [now CoRE]; Aviation Operations Administration (3700) [updated references]; Religious Ministries (1730) [updated references].

Removed Checklist(s):  The following were removed because their accuracy was not confirmed by the respective Functional Area Sponsor: Formal School Management (1553.2), Lifelong Learning (1560), Religious Ministries (1730), Engineer Equipment Maintenance (4790), Field Band (5000), 5512 Identification Cards, and Garrison Personal Property & Equipment (7320).

Note:  New checklists and effected portions of updated checklists will be evaluated informally for a period of time before formal inspections from IGMC resume.  This is typically 30-90 days depending on the complexity of the change(s).

Valid Checklists
TitleDescriptionEffective Date
Military Working Dog (MWD) Operations (5585)CoRE5/31/2019
Safety Program (5100)CoRE6/17/2019
Information and Personnel Security Program (IPSP) (5510.3)CoRE6/27/2019
Intelligence Oversight, Non Intel Sensitive Activities (3800)CoRE11/14/2018
Limited Duty (1900.2)CoRE6/17/2019
Naval Air Training and Operating Procedures Standardization (NATOPS) (3710)CoRE9/18/2018
Operations Security (3070)CoRE6/18/2019
Performance Evaluation System (1610)CoRE9/18/2018
Physical Fitness and Combat Fitness Program (6100.13)CoRE6/21/2019
Physical Security (5530)CoRE9/24/2018
Prohibited Activities and Conduct (PAC) Prevention and Response (5354.1)CoRE9/15/2018
Unit Readiness (3000)CoRE6/7/2019
Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) (1752)CoRE6/17/2019
Unit Training Management (1553.3)CoRE9/17/2018
Aircrew Training (3500.14)CoRE9/18/2018
Casualty Affairs (3040)CoRE6/26/2019
Criminal Investigation Division (CID) Operations (5580.1)CoRE5/17/2019
Cybersecurity Management (5239)CoRE6/27/2019
Aviation Safety (3750)CoRE1/8/2019
Aviation Supply (4400.17)CoRE11/14/2018
Body Composition and Military Appearance Program (6110)CoRE6/21/2019
Career Planning (1040)CoRE7/1/2019
Color Guard (5060.20)CoRE9/18/2019
Command Inspection Program (5040)CoRE9/19/2019
Assistance and Investigations (5370)CoRE9/20/2019
Health Service Support (6000)CoRE9/24/2019
Suicide Prevention (1720)CoRE4/5/2019
Antiterrorism (3302)CoRE10/2/2019
Supply, Consumer-Level (4400.15)CoRE11/12/2018
Law Enforcement Operations (5580)CoRE10/15/2019
Correctional Facilities (1640)CoRE10/15/2019
Postal Affairs (5110)CoRE7/1/2019
Martial Arts Program (1500.59)CoRE11/18/2019
Transition Readiness (1700.31)CoRE11/19/2019
Legal Administration (5800.16)CoRE11/21/2019
Victim and Witness Assistance Program (VWAP) (5800.14)CoRE9/17/2018
Detention Facilities (1630)CoRE12/13/2019
Reports Management (5214)CoRE12/23/2019
Directives Management (5215)CoRE12/23/2019
Records Management (5210)CoRE12/23/2019
Substance Abuse (5300)CoRE6/17/2019
Unit, Personal, and Family Readiness (UPFR) (1754.9)CoRE7/29/2019
Defense Travel System (4650)CoRE7/30/2019
Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC) (4600)CoRE7/30/2019
Voting Assistance (1742)CoRE8/7/2019
Suicide Prevention (1720)CoRE1/17/2020
Physical Fitness (6100.14) and Force Fitness Instructor (1500.62)CoRE6/21/2019
Aviation Operations Administration (3700)CoRE1/31/2020
Request Mast (1700.23)CoRE9/13/2019
Drill (5060.20)Non-CoRE9/18/2019
Sword Manual (5060.20)Non-CoRE9/18/2019
Formal School Management (1553.2)Non-CoRE1/1/2017
Religious Ministries (1730)Non-CoRE2/18/2020
Separation and Retirement (1900.1)Non-CoRE8/9/2019
Range and Training Area Management (3550)Non-CoRE1/1/2020
Sponsorship (1320)Non-CoRE1/1/2017
Maintenance Management (4790.2)Non-CoRE1/30/2018
Personal Financial Management (1700.37)Non-CoRE11/8/2019
Ground Ordnance Maintenance (8000)Non-CoRE7/1/2019
Historical Program (5750)Non-CoRE6/18/2019
Leave, Liberty and Meal Card Accountability (1050)Non-CoRE1/10/2018
Family Advocacy (1754.11)Non-CoRE1/1/2018
Family Care Plans (1740.13)Non-CoRE11/30/2018
Family Housing (11000.22)Non-CoRE2/1/2018
Family Team Building (MCFTB) (1754.6)Non-CoRE9/18/2018
Foreign Disclosure (5510.2)Non-CoRE7/3/2019
EOD Technical Evaluation (3571)Non-CoRE3/6/2019
Exceptional Family Member (1754.4)Non-CoRE1/1/2018
Expeditionary Airfield (EAF) Aircraft Recovery (13800)Non-CoRE1/1/2018
Expeditionary Firefighting Rescue and Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting (6500)Non-CoRE1/1/2017
Aviation Command and Control Training (3500.10)Non-CoRE7/2/2019
Aviation Facilities (11130)Non-CoRE1/1/2020
CBRN Defense (3400)Non-CoRE6/9/2019
Combat And Operational Stress Control (COSC) (5351)Non-CoRE9/18/2018
Community Counseling (1754.14)Non-CoRE9/18/2018
Environmental Program Management (5090)Non-CoRE7/11/2019
Transient Housing (11000)Non-CoRE1/1/2020
Unaccompanied Housing (11000.1)Non-CoRE2/22/2017
Uniform Inspection (1020)Non-CoRE6/24/2019
Water Survival Training Program (1500.52)Non-CoRE6/21/2019
Marksmanship Program (3574)Non-CoRE1/1/2017
Recreation Programs (1700)Non-CoRE1/1/2017
Single Marine Program (1700.36)Non-CoRE6/25/2019
Motor Transport Licensing (11240)Non-CoRE1/1/2020
Motor Transport Operations (11240)Non-CoRE11/12/2018
Officer and Enlisted Promotion Process (1400)Non-CoRE11/12/2018
Printing and Publications Management (5600)Non-CoRE2/6/2019
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