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Inspector General of the Marine Corps

Headquarters Marine Corps

Mission Statement
To serve as the principal advisor to the Inspector General of the Marine Corps on all inspection matters.  Through the Unit Inspection Program (UIP) the Inspections Division shall coordinate, conduct and inspect those independent units/activities that are not under the operational or administrative chain of command of a Major Subordinate Commander.  Through the Command Inspection Program (CIP) the Inspections Division shall assess the overall effectiveness of Commanding Generals’ Inspection Programs as well as the status of commands by assessing any functional area deemed necessary.  Additionally, the Director of Inspections will hear Request Mast during all inspections on behalf of the Commandant.
Types of IGMC Inspections
Every Marine Corps Unit should benefit from impartial, independent, professional oversight.  The IGMC provides this oversight in two manners.  The following links take you to lists of the Units IGMC inspects, how they are inspected, and at what frequency.  All IGMC inspections are short notice inspections.  Due to the evolving structure of our Corps these lists are dynamic and will be updated as needed.  Any questions should be directed to the IGMC Director of Inspections.

UIP  Units Inspected every 2 years exclusively by IGMC   
CIP  Command & Inspections Programs Inspected every 3 years by IGMC*   
The headquarters and any subordinate commands may be inspected during a CIP.
Functional Area Concerns and Grading Criteria
Request Mast Information
Functional Area Sponsors

Functional Area Sponsors (FAS) who desire Inspectors General to assess their Programs must satisfy the following requirements:

1.)  Attend annual FAS Training (FAST) provided by IGMC

2.)  Provide accurate, relevant, and supportable checklists

3.)  Review and update these checklists annually

4.)  Be prepared to provide Augment Inspectors to the IGMC

All FAS/FAC correspondence with the Administrative Division of the IGMC should use the link below: 


The following links are helpful tools for FAS/FAC:

FAS Training Slides

Guide to Creating a Checklist

FAC Template