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The ACMC Task Force

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The ACMC Task Force Purpose

The Marine Corps values Marines based on their merit and performance. We accept and embrace Marines of all races, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. If Marines have earned the coveted Eagle, Globe and Anchor, and perform to the best of their ability, they are forever a valuable member of the finest fighting organization in the world. The complex battlefield of today and tomorrow requires a more capable, adaptive, and cohesive force. The Marine Corps will succeed in this operating environment because of our commitment and our ethos – an ethos that is grounded in the principles of honor, courage, and commitment. In order to maintain our edge as a premier warfighting organization, we must enable all Marines to maximize the contribution of their different skills and abilities. To be clear, these attributes are merit based. However, we are finding that actions at the individual or unit level are fostering an environment of disrespect and discrimination. These actions are destructive, demeaning, and self-defeating. These environments of disrespect preclude all Marines from realizing their full potential and diminish combat effectiveness. Recent malicious activity in the social media realm that denigrates women counters all that we stand for and all that we espouse in our Corps. It will not be tolerated; it will be eradicated. Marines are held to a higher moral and performance standard, that is why we are different. Those who abandon these principles have no place in our ranks.

The ACMC-led task force has been charged with implementing changes across the recruiting, training, and sustaining the transformation continuum to strengthen our bonds and maximize our potential. The task force, in close collaboration with the operating forces and supporting establishment, will evolve our culture to higher levels of proficiency and professionalism. Toward that end, we need your help. We need your ideas and your support to ensure every Marine is treated with dignity and respect. We are a tight knit family that possesses a level of pride and teamwork that optimizes every Marine's potential. That potential is enabled by mutual respect and the knowledge that all Marines can count on their fellow Marines for support. Actions in the social media realm, the barracks, in garrison, and in the field that run counter to these principles are corrosive and corrupt our ethos. The Marine Corps will strengthen its culture by improving the way we educate, mentor, and train Marines. These efforts will fortify our Marines and improve our Marine Corps. These efforts will create an impenetrable cohesive environment where there is no place for those who disrespect, degrade, and harass fellow Marines. Our Marine Corps bases the value of each Marine on individual excellence and contribution to warfighting, not on race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. We will draw talent from across American society, leverage each individual’s unique strengths, and build the capabilities necessary to fight and win the wars of the future. We are an equal opportunity warfighting team that epitomizes camaraderie and teamwork. We need your assistance to police our own and to create conditions where those at odds with our ethos are either transformed or transitioned out of our ranks. This is the charter of the task force. Join us in making a difference.

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Resources for Victims of Misconduct
Marines who believe they have been subject to inappropriate conduct and who would like to maintain their privacy are encouraged to seek the services listed below.