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Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps


Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps

Talent Management Executive Council

Appointed as the Talent Management Officer for the Marine Corps and leveraging the work of the Task Force, the ACMC established the Talent Management Executive Council (TMEC). The TMEC provides executive oversight into the development of guidance, initiatives, and policy in support of the Commandant. The TMEC serves as a catalyst for ensuring the Marine Corps attracts, retains, and develops Marines in order to increase warfighting readiness and maximize individual potential.

The current and future operating environment will make ever-greater demands on the talent, intellect, performance capabilities, and character of our Marines. To fight and win in current and future conflicts and respond to crises, the Marine Corps must be able to attract, inspire, and retain men and women of character who seek to become and remain U.S. Marines.    

Talent Management Oversight Directorate
Created by the ACMC in his role as the Talent Management Officer, the Talent Management Oversight Directorate provides insight and information to inform strategic talent management guidance; assess and recommend changes to policy and programs; and oversee implementation in order to optimize the Marines Corps ability to attract, develop, employ and retain the talent necessary to achieve our institutional and strategic objectives.