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Judge Advocate Division


Judge Advocate Division

Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps

Chapter 4 - Officer Misconduct and Substandard Performance of Duty



4–1:     NJP Notification and Acknowledgement

4–2:     NJP Notification Based on Fact-Finding Body

4–3:     Acknowledgement of NJP Appeal Rights

4–4:     Acknowledgement of Punitive Letter of Reprimand 

4–5:     Report of NJP 

4–6:     Report of No Misconduct

4–7:     Acknowledgement of Advanced Education Recoupment

4–8:     Acknowledgement of Receipt of Report

4–9:     Report of Misconduct

4–10:   Report of Civilian Conviction

4–11:   Report of Court-Martial Conviction

4–12:   Report of No Substandard Performance

4–13:   Report of Substandard Performance

4–14:   BOI Direction Ltr (Not Retirement Eligible)

4–15:   BOI Direction Ltr (Retirement Eligible)

4–16:   BOI Notification (Not Retirement Eligible)

4–17:   BOI Notification (Retirement Eligible)

4–18:   Convening Order

4–19:   Request for Waiver of BOI Recorder Qualifications

4–20:   BOI Script

4–21a: BOI Findings Worksheet (Not Retirement Eligible)

4–21b: BOI Findings Worksheet (Retirement Eligible)

4–22:   Report of BOI (Not Retirement Eligible)

4–23:   Report of BOI (Retirement Eligible)

4–24:   Minority Report

4–25:   BOI Certificate of Service

4–26:   Endorsement

4–27:   Notification of Adsep

4–28:   Acknowledgement of Adsep

4–29:   Recommendation for Adsep

4–30:   Voluntary Retirement in Lieu of Further Administrative Processing

4–31:   Resignation in Lieu of Further Administrative Processing

4–32:   Resignation in Lieu of Trial

4–33:   Waiver of BOI (Not Retirement Eligible)

4–34:   Waiver of BOI (Retirement Eligible)

4–35:   Command Delay Letter


SECNAVINST 1920.6C (Administrative Separation of Officers)

SECNAVINST 5300.28E (Military Substance Abuse Prevention and Control)

MCO 5300.17 (Marine Corps Substance Abuse Program)

MCO P1610.7F (Performance Evaluation System (PES))