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Staff Judge Advocate to the Commandant


Staff Judge Advocate to the Commandant

Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps

Career Designation

Career designation is the process used to determine which company grade officers will be offered the opportunity for continued active service beyond their initial active service obligation. Career designation accomplishes the objectives of retaining the best qualified officers on active duty and maintaining the active component officer population in each year of commissioned service at a level that supports the promotion timing and opportunity guidelines to the rank of major.

MCO 1001.65 is the controlling order for career designation.

Prior to the career designation board, all eligible officers should:

-Ensure they have a current OMPF photograph

-Review their OMPF and ensure all relevant and necessary documents are included

-Review their Master Brief Sheet for accuracy

-Review their fitness reports and ensure they are accurately reflected in their OMPF and on their Master Brief Sheet


The Commandant's Career Level Education Board (CCLEB) and Commandant's Professional Intermediate-Level Education Board (CPIB) are a product of the 2011 Commandant’s Planning Guidance to increase throughput in PME and fix issues with the Special Education Program.

The current CCLEB message is MARADMIN 314/18 . 

The current CPIB message is MARADMIN 312/18

Updates about the CCLEB and CPIB can be found here.

The CCLEB/CPIB Program Overview Brief can be found here.


Are you in zone?  Check your eligibility here.  The projected promotion zones are located on the right of the screen under "Reference".

Your primary resource for promotion related issues is MMPR-1.

Judicial Screening Board

Details for application to the CY17 Judicial Screening Board are available via MARADMIN 569/17.  JAGINST 5817.1I, the Judicial Screening Board announcement from OJAG (Code 05), and a fillable Adobe pdf version of the Judicial Screening Board Appraisal Form are below:

JAGINST 5817.1I.pdf

JSB 2017 Announcement.pdf

JSB Appraisal Form.pdf

Applications must arrive at OJAG (Code 05) no later than noon on 21 November 2017.  Applicants should submit the application electronically via the Army SAFE website at: https://safe.amrdec.army.mil/safe/Welcome.aspx.  Please grant access to both moira.modzelewski@navy.mil and steven.p.gonzales1@navy.milNo e-mail submissions will be accepted.

Upon submission of an application, applicants should notify Major G. K. Logan via e-mail at gavin.logan@usmc.mil or by phone at (703) 693-9059.  All applicants must also provide an electronic copy of their completed application to HQMC, Judge Advocate Division (POC is Major Logan) no later than 1200 on 21 November 2017.


Questions may be directed to Lieutenant Commander Steven Gonzales via e-mail at steven.p.gonzales1@navy.mil or by phone at (202) 685-5920.

Contact Information

Branch Head / LtCol OccFld Sponsor

LtCol Joe Schrantz

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Deputy Branch Head / Maj OccFld Sponsor

Maj Gavin Logan

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Capt OccFld Sponsor

Capt Angelissa Savino

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IMA Det OpSponsor

Capt Michael Minerva

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Enlisted OccFld Sponsor

MSgt Cavel Bansah

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