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Judge Advocate Division

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Judicial Screening Board

The FY19 Judicial Screening Board will convene on 14 November 2018 and will be conducted in accordance with JAGINST 5817.1I. Applications should be submitted in accordance with the FY19 Judicial Screening Board Announcement and JAGINST5817.1I no later than 30 October 2018. Submit your application via the Army SAFE website at https://safe.amrdec.army.mil/safe/Welcome.aspx. Ensure you grant access to both charles.purnell@navy.mil and lauren.snyder@navy.mil. Email submissions will not be accepted.

Upon submission, applicants must notify Judge Advocate Division and provide an electronic copy of their completed application by email no later than 30 October 2018. POC is Major Gavin K. Logan at gavin.logan@usmc.mil.


FY19 Judicial Screening Board Announcement


Judicial Screening Board Appraisal Form