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Staff Judge Advocate to the Commandant


Staff Judge Advocate to the Commandant

Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps

JAS Presentations
The presentations below are provided for the convenience of the Judge Advocate community.

College Cost Reduction and Access Act (CCRAA) 

Contact Information

Branch Head / LtCol OccFld Sponsor

LtCol Joe Schrantz

(703) 693-8161

Deputy Branch Head / Maj OccFld Sponsor

Maj Gavin Logan

(703) 693-9059

Capt OccFld Sponsor

Capt Angelissa Savino

(703) 693-8405

IMA Det Manager

Capt Michael Minerva

(703) 693-8407

Training / CLE Manager

GySgt Jodianne Aguirre

(703) 614-1318