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Judge Advocate Division

Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps

Military Justice Branch (JMJ)

“To support the Staff Judge Advocate to the Commandant of the Marine Corps by providing military justice advice and other military justice-related support, to include meeting reporting and information requirements, reviewing and drafting legislation and policy, and providing guidance and training to practitioners and command officials, in order to promote justice and good order and discipline in the Marine Corps.”




      • New Appendix 2 to the MCM:  Attached is the updated Appendix 2 to the Manual for Courts-Martial.  This appendix incorporates all the changes to the UCMJ that took effect on 20 December 2019.  The most significant changes to the UCMJ were in Articles 30a (proceedings before referral), Article 37 (Command Influence), and Article 43 (eliminating statute of limitations for maiming of a child and kidnapping of a child).   The Appendix is also available for download at:


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      JMJ Point of Contact
      Title Name
      JMJ Main Line (703) 614.1691
      JMJ Branch Head   (703) 693.9005
      JMJ Deputy (703) 693.9299
      JMJ SNCO (703) 693.8909
      JMJ Clerk (703) 693.8955
      JMJ Policy (703) 693.8901
      TCAP Director (703) 693.9008
      TCAP Deputy (703) 614.1513