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Staff Judge Advocate to the Commandant


Staff Judge Advocate to the Commandant

Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps

Legal Assistance Branch (JLA)
Mission Statement

The mission of JLA is to administer the Marine Corps Legal Assistance Program, to provide continuous supervision and guidance to Marine Corps legal assistance attorneys (LAAs) and staff in the field, to disseminate legal assistance policies and procedures, to foster communication amongst the legal assistance programs, and to assist and advise the SJA to CMC on all legal assistance policies, procedures, and related matters, including inspecting the effectiveness of the legal assistance programs.

For information about Marine Corps Legal Assistance Offices, refer to the installation website.


Office Address
  Judge Advocate Division (JLA)
  Headquarters, U. S. Marine Corps 
3000 Marine Corps Pentagon
Room 4D557
  Washington D.C.
Phone:  (703) 692-7442