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Mission Statement:  Legal Administrative Officers are responsible for the administrative and functional management of the business aspects of the provision of legal services support provided by Legal Services Support Sections and their subordinate Legal Services Support Teams to Commanders, Marines, Sailors and their dependents.  The Legal Administrative Officer is the principal technical advisor to the Officer in Charge of the Legal Services Support Section on all administrative matters and may be billeted as an Administrative Support Officer, Administrative Law Officer, or as a Trial Services Administrative Officer.

Vision Statement:  In keeping with the intent of the Strategic Action Plan 2010-2015, we will ensure that Legal Administrative Officer's core competencies are standardized and published, that Legal Administrative Officers are provided standardized training and educational opportunities to become competent in those core competencies, that Legal Administrative Officers are fully and properly integrated and employed across the Marine Corps to maximize their technical skill set, and ensure that the Legal Community has the requisite number of Legal Administrative Officers required to effectively and efficiently execute the mission of providing legal support to Commanders, Marines, Sailors, and their dependents.

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