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Judge Advocate Division

Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps


Mission Statement

The Plans & Innovation Branch (JPI) works in conjunction with the legal community and other Service and Departmental actors to set standards for legal support providers, manage and develop training and equipment to help the community meet those standards, and to create metrics by which those standards can be inspected.  JPI accomplishes this mission through the performance of the following functions:

(1) performing the long-term strategic planning for the Marine Corps legal community;

(2) using lessons learned to propose and draft organizational and doctrinal changes;

(3) providing overall coordination of the IT assets and support provided to the legal community;

(4) managing both internal and external strategic communications;

(5) coordinating all manpower requirements of legal support providers, both active and reserve.


Contact Information

Branch Head / LtCol OccFld Sponsor

LtCol Kyle Kilian

(703) 693-8161

Deputy Branch Head / Maj OccFld Sponsor

Maj John Boyer

(703) 693-9059

Capt OccFld Sponsor

Capt Angelissa Gauvin

(703) 693-8405

Enlisted OccFld Sponsor

MSgt Andrew Gallaher

(703) 693-9283


IMA Det. OpSponsor

Mr. Chauncey Davidson

(703) 693-8407

Continuing Legal Education (CLE)
    Office Address
      Judge Advocate Division (JLA)
      Headquarters, U. S. Marine Corps 
    3000 Marine Corps Pentagon
    Room 4D557
      Washington D.C.