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Judge Advocate Division

Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps

Community Development Strategy & Plans

The Community Development, Strategy, & Plans (CDSP) Directorate is the Staff Judge Advocate to the Commandant’s primary vehicle for implementing the Strategic Action Plan 2010 and maintaining its principles into the future.  The CDSP Directorate works in conjunction with the JAD branches to set standards for the Marine Corps legal community, to develop training and equipment to help the community meet those standards, and to create metrics by which those standards can be inspected.  CDSP also performs the long-term strategic planning for Judge Advocate Division, using lessons learned to propose organizational changes where they create efficiencies and enable 44XX Marines to improve how they perform the mission.  CDSP has the lead on developing future doctrine for the provision of legal support within the Marine Corps, as well as the drafting and coordination of other governing documents for our community.

Office Address
  Judge Advocate Division (JLA)
  Headquarters, U. S. Marine Corps 
3000 Marine Corps Pentagon
Room 4D557
  Washington D.C.