Lejeune Leadership Institute (LLI)


The LLI develops leadership training, education and doctrine in order to facilitate the development of ethical leaders firmly rooted in the Marine Corps heritage of selfless service, core values, and warfighting excellence. The Lejeune Leadership Institute is structured to meet its mission by forming a team of experienced scholars, practitioners, and subject matter experts in the fields of leadership, ethics, education and curriculum management


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Civilian Career and Leadership Development (CCLD)


The CCLD program is an initiative endorsed by the Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV) and the CMC to develop the leadership knowledge, skills and abilities required by Civilian Marines to navigate the challenges facing the Department of the Navy (DON). The focus of the CCLD program is on acquiring the professional competencies that have been identified as critical to the success of DON leaders. Once Civilian Marines are selected for the CCLD program, they choose mentors to assist them in initiating an Individual Development Plan (IDP) specifically designed to build on individual strengths and identify areas that need enhancement. The CCLD program is voluntary and is open to all Civilian Marines, regardless of functional specialty, grade level or time on station. Contact your local CCLD Program Administrator (CCLDA) to learn more.


Marine Corps Civilian Leadership Development Program (MCCLDP)


The MCCLDP is congressionally-mandated and CMC directed education and training initiative that provides Civilian Marines an opportunity to participate in leadership courses that meet DoD leader competencies. This program provides access to online leadership courses, seminars, and classes provided by Marine Corps University (MCU) and other government or commercial institutions. Participation in the MCCLDP is managed by MCU's Lejeune Leadership Institute in cooperation with Manpower and Reserve Affairs (MPC-30) and Marine Corps Installation Human Resource Development Strategic Advisors (HRDSA).


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Plans, Policies and Operations