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Security and Emergency Services Community of Interest (SES COI)


Security and Emergency Services Community of Interest (SES COI)

Headquarters Marine Corps

Plans, Policies & Operations (PP&O)

The S/ES COI issues quarterly newsletters to inform members and keep them involved in the activities and events occurring within the COI. The newsletter consists of a message from the community leader, stories from around the community, a message board and a calendar of events. COI members are encouraged to contribute to the newsletter with articles about what is going on within their Occupational Series.

Winter 2021 SES Newsletter 9 Feb 2021.pdf

Spring 16 S-ES Newsletter.pdf

Winter 15-16 S-ES Newsletter.pdf

February 2015 S-ES Newsletter.pdf

S-ES Newsletter August 2014_Summer.pdf

Spring S-ES Newsletter May 2014.pdf

Winter S-ES Newsletter Feb 2014.pdf

Fall S-ES Newsletter Sept 2013.pdf

Spring S-ES Newsletter May 2013.pdf

Fall S-ES Newsletter November 2012.pdf

Summer S-ES Newsletter August 2012.pdf

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