The CWDA is an online tool designed to assist individual Civilian Marines in their professional development and enable USMC leadership to shape and manage the general Civilian workforce. Civilian Marines can use the CWDA to access information concerning the required COI developed competencies to meet USMC mission requirements. Additionally, managers and supervisors of Civilian Marines can use the tool to better monitor individual and group professional development and obtain workforce competency data reports. The CWDA is part of the CWSP and is the only Manpower system that is focused on the whole Marine Corps Civilian workforce consisting of both Appropriated Fund and Non-Appropriated Fund employees.

The CWDA allows Civilian Marines to create assessments to measure their proficiency in the competencies required for a specific job series and skill level as described in the Assessment and Development Phases above. Civilian Marines may conduct self-assessments that are viewable by only the individuals who generate them. Alternatively, Civilian Marines may conduct development assessments, which allow them to solicit inputs from mentors and supervisors. The information derived from the standard assessments is used to provide managers and leaders information on the state of competency levels in the workforce as a whole. The information in the standard assessment maintains each Civilian Marine’s competency profile. Additionally, Civilian Marines will be able to view other occupational series to find out which competencies, proficiencies, training experiences and education may be required to make lateral career moves. All Civilian Marines are encouraged to set up accounts in the CWDA and explore the database.


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