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The MCACUs units fall within HQMC MCACC reports operationally for tasking and technical guidance to the Head of Corrections (HOC)who also serves as the MCACU OIC, Commandant of the Marine Corps (CMC), Plans, Policy and Operations Department (PP&O), Security Division (PS), Law Enforcement and Corrections Branch (PSL), Corrections Section, MCACC.  Administratively the MCACC reports to the Commanding Officer, Headquarters Battalion, Henderson Hall, Washington DC.

The MCACUs performs functions that will affect the apprehension and detention of deserters and their return to military control.  Apprehensions will be performed by civilian law enforcement agencies.  At the request of civilian authorities and upon approval of the OIC/AOIC, MCACU escorts may be in the vicinity of the apprehension to facilitate an immediate custody transfer of the apprehended deserter

The mission of the MCACU is to investigate the whereabouts of deserters; establish and maintain liaison with civilian law enforcement agencies to encourage their active participation in absentee and deserter apprehension efforts; initiate apprehensions; expedite notifications procedures; and provide escorts for the purpose of transporting absentees, deserters, and prisoners as directed by the Commandant of the Marine Corps (CMC), PSL Corrections.


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Plans, Policies and Operations