Sexual abuse and sexual harassment is a criminal act that is absolutely incompatible with our core values, high standards of professionalism, and personal discipline. All Marine Corps confinement facilities maintain a zero-tolerance policy approach in all cases of sexual abuse and sexual harassment in accordance with the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA). It is our goal to eliminate sexual abuse and sexual harassment incidents that impact staff, contractors, volunteers, interns, and prisoners. To reach this goal, we have established a standardized and effective sexual assault prevention and victim assistance program at the command level that meets mandated reporting requirements without unduly compromising victim confidentiality or safety, or generating fear of reprisal; and will provide education to staff, contractors, volunteers, interns, and prisoners on socially responsible standards of behavior and factors that contribute to victimization.

Rape or any form of sexual misconduct is not part of any sentence or confinement ,and our facilities encourage any and all forms of reporting, to include prisoner family members and representatives to the following agencies, community-based, or outside organizational resources:




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