Our Mission

Relocate Marine Forces from Okinawa to Guam and Hawaii in order to create politically viable, geographically dispersed, operationally resilient MAGTF capability packages to support theater security cooperation and engagement with U.S. partner nations and allies, as well as rapidly respond to crisis and contingency operations in the PACOM AOR while minimizing operational risk and keeping faith with our Marines, Sailors, and their families.

Billet                Business Phone                             


Ms. Gayle von Eckartsberg

              (703) 614-2637                                 

Deputy Director 

Mr. N. Bryant Day II

              (703) 692-4329                                 

Branch Head 

Col. Nathan I. Nastase

              (703) 614-4575                                 

Administrative Officer 

Mr. Jorge Mercado

              (703) 614-2690                                 

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SES Gayle von Eckartsberg 
Director, Pacific Division

Plans, Policies and Operations