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Current Operations Group (COG)


Current Operations Group (COG)

Headquarters Marine Corps

Plans, Policies & Operations (PP&O
Current Operations Group (COG)
Mission Statement

To provide Headquarters Marine Corps with the staff assistance necessary to monitor and report the status and current deployments of Marine Corps forces in support of the Global War on Terror, and to maintain a continuous point of contact and coordinate Marine Corps actions on operational matters pertaining to the deployment, employment, reconstitution of the operating forces.

Points of Contact
 Rank, Name      
Major J. Barr Current Ops Group Section Head
Current Ops Briefer
(703) 571-1038 jonathan.barr@usmc.mil
  Current Ops Briefer (703) 571-1050  
GySgt W. Mullen Operations Chief/Current Ops Briefer (703) 571-1036 William.k.mullen@usmc.mil
Cpl A. Acosta Assistant Ops Chief/Graphics Chief (703) 571-1039 arianna.acosta@usmc.mil
Sgt T. Jones MAGTF Plans Chief (703) 571-1013 john.peabody@usmc.mil
Cpl A. Yarush MAGTF Planner (703) 571-1017 Amanda.yarush@usmc.mil





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