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Current Operations Branch
Plans, Policies & Operations (PP&O)

Mission Statement


  • To provide the Headquarters with the staff assistance necessary to be the continuous communication link between HQMC and the National Military Command Center (NMCC).

  • To provide the Commandant both secure and nonsecure voice and data communication capability to all Marine Corps commands.

  • To monitor and report the status and current deployments of Marine Corps forces.

  • To maintain a continuous point of contact and coordinate Marine Corps actions on operational matters, special activities, domestic emergencies, and deployment/employment of the Operating Forces

  • To coordinate Marine Corps participation in joint and combined exercises, the unified commands and the Joint Staff

contact us

Contact        Commercial        DSN 
Branch Head / Admin       (703) 571-1070        671-1070 
Unclassified FAX        (703) 571-1077        671-1077 
Classified FAX        Coordinate with MCOC, listed below         
Current Operations Section        (703) 571-1036        671-1036 
Future Operations Section        (703) 571-1040        671-1040 
Global Force Management       (703) 571-1042        671-1042 
Marine Corps Operations Center (MCOC)        (703) 695-5454        225-5454 
Marine Corps Operations Center (Watch Team)        1-866-HQMC-NOW         
MAGTF Planner / 0511 Occ Field Sponsor        (703) 571-1039        671-1039 
Crisis Response Center        (703) 695-5454        225-5454 
Security Manager        (703) 571-1046        671-1046 


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Plans, Policies and Operations