International Affairs Program


International Affairs Program


Unit Leaders

Assistant Deputy Commandant, Plans, Policies, Operations

Director Gayle von Eckartsberg
Director Pacific Division

Brigadier General STEPHEN E. LISZEWSKI
Director, Operations Division

Mr. Randy R. Smith
Director, Security Division (PS)
The Deputy Commandant for Plans, Policies and Operations (DC, PP&O) performs a dual mission:

Is the Operations Deputy (OpsDep) for the Commandant on all Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) matters. Serves as the focal point for the interface between the Marine Corps (as one of the four Services) and the joint and combined activities of the JCS and the unified Commanders-in-Chief, and various allied and other foreign Defense agencies.

Is responsible for coordinating the development and execution of service plans and policies related to the structure, deployment, and employment of Marine Corps forces in general.
Engineers Kick Off Eagle Week
Paratroopers assigned to 37th Engineer Battalion, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division conduct physical training competition during the battalion’s Eagle Week at Fort Bragg, N.C. on Aug. 20, 2019. Eagle Week honors the unit’s historic mission of engineer paratroopers who were among the first to storm the beaches of Normandy during World War II’s D-Day invasion.
Up Next
Operational Tests by the U.S. Army Operational Test Command — B-roll 1
Operational Tests by the U.S. Army Operational Test Command — B-roll 1
Video footage during operational testing of the AH64E Version 6 Apache helicopter, Gray Eagle Extended Range, Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle (AMPV), Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV), M109A7 Paladin, Stryker platform with Common Remotely Operated Weapon System-Javelin (CROWS-J), and AN/APR-39D(V) Radar Signal Detecting Set (RSDS). Testing with the West Fort Hood, Texas-based U.S. Army Operational Test Command will determine whether or not new and modernized equipment systems are effective, suitable, and survivable, and is another step in the Army’s continual modernization of its equipment, using information Soldiers learn during combat, and translating it into improved battlefield capabilities through operational testing. ~ About the U.S. Army Operational Test Command: Operational testing began Oct. 1, 1969, and as the Army's only independent operational tester, OTC is celebrating "50 Years of Operational Testing." The unit enlists the "Total Army" (Active, National Guard, and Reserve) when testing Army, joint, and multi-service warfighting systems in realistic operational environments, using typical Soldiers to determine whether the systems are effective, suitable, and survivable. OTC is required by public law to test major systems before they are fielded to its ultimate customer - the American Soldier. (Video produced by Mr. Tad Browning, Mr. Larry Furnace, and Mr. William C. Beach, U.S. Army Operational Test Command Test and Documentation Team)